"I had no idea what I was doing before FWC. The process I set up during the program helped us land over $30MM." -[made up placeholder quote]

Zohaib Ali  

Co-Founder & CEO

• Amount raised before FWC:
• Amount raised after FWC:
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What was the turning point that made you decide to join FWC when you were preparing to raise your next round?

I'm also a trader that trades options and derivatives. When you're trading financial instruments as a trader, you always ask this question - was this intentional or was this I just got lucky? And in that thought process, we're always asking this question in building our company on everything that we do. Is this something that we got lucky or is this was this intentional? And to be honest, our seed round wasn't intentional. We got lucky. And that's what got me curious as to, I really need to understand what are some of the dynamics and factors that can help me become better and to enable the vision of what we're building, which is the region's largest B2B trade marketplace. And it cannot happen without a large influx of capital.

So that's where the curiosity of learning came in, happening to stumble upon a Twitter feed where Jason was tagged and I dropped him a DM and then that's when I joined FWC.

The program has a lot of different components (live class, recorded lectures, homework, etc.), what was it like going through it and how did you find it beneficial?

it was a double-edged sword. So unfortunately or fortunately, I live in Pakistan, so I'm like 10 hours behind Jason and his timing. So the class times were like 4 or 5 a.m. in the morning. So it was very difficult to wake up and then be following all of that. But that has become part of my daily routine, is waking up at 4.30, 5 a.m. in the morning now. That also helped in the other way because as soon as the lecture was off, I could spend another couple of hours working on that without any distraction. So by 7-7.30 a.m., I would have done almost 90% of the work that was required in terms of homework and the lectures.