Learn to Fundraise the RIGHT way

Get the guidance you need to:

✅ Build a narrative designed to influence VCs
✅ Connect with the right investors
✅ Setup a process, waste less time, & drive to a close
Grow your network with other great founders!

2 months into my work on fundraising, it clicked for me.

Instead of learning what set of slides, or what presentation techniques, or cold outreach tactics would help you chase down investors like common sales targets...it was about flipping that around.

I believe fundraising is all about demonstrating you're a great bet, and then executing a process with effective preparation to help investors discover that.

It's about learning the simple things that YOU can do to help get out of your own way and...be chased.

Let's work on that together.

-Jason, Founder and Instructor
Do I really think I can make you
 better at fundraising? 

Honestly? Yes I do.

I've dedicated a lot to be great at this. Here's the story.

Right before my last startup sold, my co-founder Tim and I were talking about what was next. I honestly had no idea. After 5 grueling years running 2 venture-backed startups with multiple pivots, I was unsure of myself.

Having been a founder, I didn't know how I could work at a company again but lacked confidence that I had any expertise or helpful insights around which to build another business.

Tim and I on the fundraising trail

Growing facial hair in solidarity before a product launch

Tim asked, “What about fundraising? You’re great at that.”

While I knew the game from my days as a VC and had successfully closed millions from top tier investors, my immediate reaction was “Yeah maybe…but no one needs that help. A lot of people know how to do it…”

Tim’s response? “No way, dude. Tons of people need this help and it’s impossible for most people.”

So then I just put my head down and built a thriving business helping founders learn to fundraise. Ha. No... not even close.

Even with Tim's vote of confidence. I didn't think I was special and didn't think enough people needed my help to make it a business. Instead, I started working on small software product ideas.  But on the side...

But on  the side  ~~~~~~

With some throwaway time, I did decide to carve out a sliver of time to put some rigor around my own approach to fundraising. It was more of a hobby. Something to build back my confidence working on something I knew I was good at.

 🖋 Documenting   the process 

The first thing I did was put my thoughts down on paper. I mapped out all the moving parts of a fundraise.

It was a time consuming process and the video to the left was only one of the sessions!

You'll notice my use of notecards...an effective tool I recommend even in my course (you'll hear more about that later).

 The GRIND  (creating, iterating, refining)

After building some momentum, I wanted to start helping founders and get feedback on what could be improved. That meant producing free products that would help founders stay organized and embrace important concepts. I learned SO much from this...

Building my free Fundraise Management Tool

Illustrating Fundraising Concepts

  Finally...  My Program

After releasing multiple free tools, writing months of a weekly newsletter, and illustrating dozens of concepts, I partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to host a super successful program for founders based on my philosophies.  

Fundraise with Confidence was born.

After 4 cohorts, 100's of founders, and 10's of millions raised. I'm excited to take in my next group of founders.

Who  is this for?
(this might sound like you👇)

"I'm not sure how to connect with the right investors"

Everyone says I need to build a list of investors. But who...and how?

"I raised money but it was painful. There has to be a better way next time..."

I barely got my last raise done. I wasted so much time and felt uncertain the whole time. I want to do it better and with  supportive people around me.

"I don't know why my pitch isn't landing with investors"

There's a big opportunity here - I know it! But my deck isn't leading to many meetings and the response to my pitch isn't very positive.

"I want to do the best that I can with this fundraise!"

I know what I know and I know what I don't know. I want someone I trust to show me the way.

Who is this program  NOT for?  

Do not enroll for this program if you are:

A SHORTCUT SEEKER: Fundraising is hard work. FWC doesn’t remove work. FWC makes things more effective and efficient. We help you do the RIGHT work.

TRYING TO BUY INTROS: You are not buying intros by joining FWC. You will learn the best processes for networking and accessing high quality intros. You may even receive some awesome intros from the FWC network, but this is not pay-to-play access to introductions.

IN NEED OF A QUICK FIX: If you’re in the middle of a fundraise that is not going well, FWC is not your band-aid. FWC is designed to prepare founders for a great future fundraise.

The Plan: spend 5 weeks with us to setup  the best fundraise  you can...

We follow a 5 module course and incorporate exercises / homework so that you learn and PRODUCE.

 Module 1 
First Principles & Foundation Building
To start your preparation, you need to prepare a strong base. That means adjusting how you think about yourself, your business, and your fundraise.

The base also includes work like awareness and list building that greases the wheels for your work in future modules.

 Module 2 
Investor Psychology & Communications
To be a great salesperson, you have to understand the mind of the buyer. In fundraising, it's the mind of the investor.

Here you focus on what makes investors tick so that you can start crafting effective communications that influence.

 Module 3 
Targeting Investors with Tools & Technology
You've heard about investor lists. But how do you actually make them. And once you get a list, how do you use them?

In this module, you'll find out ways to use technology and process to your advantage to build a list that you can leverage for a strong fundraise.

 Module 4 
Narrative & Deck
For most founders, the deck is all they know about fundraising.

You on the other hand will have 3 modules of work to leverage in building a killer narrative and deck - one that influences investors and causes them to LEAN IN.

 Module 5 
Launching & Closing
With the majority of your prep behind you, now is the time to organize the launch of a process.

You'll learn about effective pitching and those of you in our live cohort will get chances to practice.

You'll also dive into what it takes to close a process post launch.

The value of our program. 
A  a no-brainer investment 

Founders will spend $5k on a deck design, $10k on swag, $15k on throwaway PR and hesitate to spend on coaching, guidance, and support.

If the math is hard for you, consider the value below

Increased Probability (minimum $50k value)

If this program improves your chances of closing $1M by just 5%, the expected value is $50k.

FWC will have far greater impact than 5% and we hope to see you raise many millions.

Peace of Mind (PRICELESS)

How do you value your time and your mental health?

The struggle for many founders is not knowing. The mind waste endless time spinning in circles trying to determine if you're fundraising the right way.

Time Saved and Peace of Mind knowing you've outsourced the approach to a proven program is... Priceless.

DIY Method ($30k + 1% equity)

You could pull all this together yourself. Here's the back of the envelope math:

• 1 junior employee ($8k/month)
• 1 expert consultant ($20-40k/month)
• 1 paid community like On Deck ($3k)
• 1 advisor (1% equity)
(not to mention time to source it all...)

$30k + 1% of your company

I focus on what you can control. 
Here's  why it works 

Different founders will come to the program with different . I promise progress and results.

My methods

This isn't just about pulling out what I know and putting it on paper. It's been a process to find out what are the hardest

Active Learning & Tangible Outcomes

Active participation is essential to acquire a handle on fundraising. Video lectures will provide the foundation to leverage office hours, and for the live cohort -> small group practice sessions, live discussions, pitch practice, and deliverable-based homework. In addition, I won't just be speaking at you. I will engage with the class, explain the most pressing and tricky questions, and stimulate the cohort to advance together.

Winning as a team

Joining a community of founders who are in the same battle will be priceless. All FWC members o expand your network and get valuable feedback on the content you produce. The most successful entrepreneurs turn fundraising into a team-based sport, and FWC aims to help you establish your first teammates.

Accountability and Feedback

Even if you know how to fundraise, finding the time to do the necessary work while running your company can be near impossible. FWC adds structure and community to drive accountability to this work-intensive process. If that’s not enough, one of our most popular elements is study hall sessions to get the work done together.

Tactics, Templates, Tools

Don't expect just theory and principles. Step-by-step processes, email templates, CRM system guides, and data scraping systems are just a few of the superchargers FWC delivers to its students.

FWC, Cohort 4 begins...
September 12

Official Enrollment begins Friday, August 26 at 5pm PST. Sign-ups before then are eligible for Pre-sale bonuses!

Pre-sale bonuses: 
• All founders get 10% off the regular enrollment price (Prices in red are available ONLY until 5pm PST 8/26)
The first 5 Essential and Unicorn founders get a 30 min 1:1 pre-program strategy call with Jason SOLD OUT
• The first 10 Essential and Unicorn founders get a pre-program deck or narrative review
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Your starting point

- 25+ videos across 5 modules walking you through the soup to nuts of elite fundraising

Templates / Tools - Email templates, Investor Databases, CRM templates

Office Hours - access to 5 weeks of hour-long Q&A discussions led by Jason

Lifetime Access
- to regularly refreshed materials & our paid community



or 3 payments of $1400
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Everything in Basic plus...

Live Class - 5 weeks of live classes with Jason teaching the concepts and running exercises to help drive results

Deck Feedback - submit your deck for written notes and feedback

Organized Networking - structured connections with founders in your cohort to expand your network

Pitch Practice - Group sessions organized for pitch practice and team feedback



or 4 payments of $2275
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Everything in Essential plus...

1:1 Coaching Call - An hour long call with Jason split between Pitch Coaching & Fundraising Strategy

Deck reviews - before & after detailed deck reviews via recorded video (scheduled at any time)

Accountability and strategy mastermind - small group mastermind with Jason + founders in the Unicorn group for additional 4 weeks

Data Room Prep - personalized feedback and guidance

Group Dinner with Jason - hosted in LA / SF / NYC / SP

--🚨Limited to 10 founders--
*discounted prices only available till 5pm PST on Friday 8/26
My word to you...
100% 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the program thoughtfully…if you actually watch the lectures, go to study hall, do the exercises, follow the guidance, and you still are not 100% satisfied... I will refund your money.  

You just have to send me an email, show me you did the work, and tell me what happened. To clarify, this is not a guarantee that you will raise money (see FAQs).

Why the guarantee?
Two main things

First - I believe in the program. I don't think you'll like it, I think you'll love it.  I'm happy to add this guarantee to help founders make a good decision

Second - this quality of the community is so important. If anyone does not do the work and isn't committed to being a positive member of the community, I want to give them their money back.