Fundraise the Right Way

The wrong way wastes time, handicaps your business, and leads to bad outcomes.

Spend 5-weeks alongside me and other talented founders to improve as a company and make sure you fundraise the right way.

Hi. I'm your instructor, Jason Yeh

Fundraising really sucks especially when you do it the wrong way. Helping founders fundraise the right way through FWC is so rewarding because I know the struggle well.

As a formal and informal advisor to startups, I've helped companies raise over $250MM in capital. While I was an investor at Greycroft Partners, I evaluated over 1000 pitches and was a part of 50+ investments. Afterwards, I became a founder myself and led fundraises twice. The last was for my company Tape which sold to Hustle in 2020.

Combining those experiences with my love of teaching to help founders has been one of the best experiences of my life. I hope to help you in a cohort soon!

Jason Yeh, Founder and Instructor

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