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Fundraising is a lonely, challenging, and pressure-filled process. It truly sucks.

And it doesn't get easier the second time around! Even with fancy investors, it never feels like you have the right support. You're still sifting through mountains of fundraising advice while trying to keep your company alive.

That's why I developed this program - combining HOW to fundraise with the support and accountability network that will help you succeed. Our goal is to eliminate the frustrating and ineffective solo process most CEOs follow

After 5 weeks, you will be able to hit the ground running with a powerful deck, effective outreach strategy, and advanced mindset to fundraise with confidence.

-Jason Yeh, Founder and Instructor
Class Period
May 17 - June 4
Application Deadline
May 3rd
Class Size
Class Period
Apr 6 - Apr 22
Registration Window
Mar 16 - Mar 30
US $3750

Come join this 5-week, interactive course where you’ll leave fully prepped to fundraise with confidence

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Class Period
Apr 6 - Apr 22
Registration Window
Mar 16 - Mar 30
US $3750

Course Details

What You'll Do

Build a successful foundation by establishing your network, community awareness, and a confident mindset.

Develop communication strategies that deeply influence investor psychology

Create an undeniable narrative and pitch deck

Setup target investor lists, email templates, and outreach automation

Prepare for a successful kickoff with live pitch training and CRM setup

This Course Is For ➡

Founders who raised before but struggled
You know you wasted tons of time and weren’t as effective as you could be

Founders raising for the first time
You’re worried because you don’t know what you don’t know. FWC's structure will guide you

Founders targeting a huge market
VC is for companies with the potential for venture scale. This course is for founders on that path

This Course Is NOT For ➡

Shortcut Seekers 
Fundraising is hard work. FWC doesn’t remove work. We make things more effective and efficient

People buying intros
You are not buying intros by joining FWC. You will learn the best processes for networking and accessing high quality intros

Bandaid / Quick-fix Seekers
If you’re in the middle of a fundraise that is not going well, FWC is not a quick fix

Hi. I'm your instructor, Jason Yeh

Fundraising really sucks. Making it suck less for founders through FWC is so rewarding because I know the struggle well.

As a formal and informal advisor to startups, I've helped companies raise over $100MM in capital. While I was an investor at Greycroft Partners, I evaluated over 1000 pitches and was a part of 50+ investments. Afterwards, I became a founder myself and led fundraises twice. The last was for my company Tape which sold to Hustle in 2020.

Combining those experiences with my love of teaching to help founders has been one of the best experiences of my life. I hope to help you in a cohort soon!

You will leave this course with all you need, from strategies to materials, to run the best possible fundraise you can

Course Benefits

Active Learning and and Tangible Outcomes
Active participation is essential to acquire a handle on fundraising. Lectures will provide the foundation to proceed with small group practice sessions, live discussions, and deliverable-based homework. In addition, I won't just be speaking at you. I will engage with the class, explain the most pressing and tricky questions, and stimulate the cohort to advance together.
Learn with other Founders in the Same Battle
Part of class will be actively collaborating with a cohort of founders to expand your network and get valuable feedback on the content you produce. The most successful entrepreneurs turn fundraising into a team-based sport, and FWC aims to help you establish your first teammates.
Accountability and Feedback
Even if you know how to fundraise, finding the time to do the necessary work while running your company can be near impossible. FWC adds structure and community to drive accountability to this work-intensive process. If that’s not enough, one of our most popular elements is study hall sessions to get the work done together.
Tactics, Templates, Tools
Don't expect just theory and principles. Step-by-step processes, email templates, CRM system guides, and data scraping systems are just a few of the superchargers FWC delivers to its students.


Suzy Ferreira
Founder/CEO of Dinie (FWC1)

You were one of my secret weapons in this fundraise

Saad Rajan
Founder/CEO of Naya Studio (FWC2)

I think I've told you how much that course was helpful for us in so many ways. The number of compliments that we get on the deck, it's pretty crazy. People are just like this narrative, this story, everything is so tight. I think that was entirely because we had your guidance for that process.

Jon Kutsmeda
Entrepreneur & Host of the MoneyMBA (FWC2)

After 1 week a lot has been demystified and my confidence level has soared. Building relationships with fellow classmates has also been rewarding. I will shed a tear when it’s over and we go our separate ways.

Aaron Ginsburg
Attorney, Fenwick & West

My first experience with Jason was as a professor in my Venture Capital class in business school. I loved his style of teaching then and think it comes naturally for him to do this for entrepreneurs with [FWC].


01: The Foundation of Fundraising
Do you know why Patrick Collison, co-founder of Stripe, would have no problems raising money for a new startup? You might be surprised to learn that anyone can recreate some of those reasons. In this first module, we’ll plan out steps to build a network, become more of a known quantity, and establish a confident fundraising mindset.
02: Communication Strategies & Investor Psychology
Some investors are thought of as king making leads like Sequoia and A16Z. Others have no brand at all and just follow. All of them are human. We’ll walk through the human psychology that strongly affects all investors and practice communication strategies that leverage those insights to drive success in fundraising.
03: Undeniable Narratives and Bulletproof Decks
The narrative is perhaps the most important element of a fundraise. It is the product that investors are buying. But, all those required slides and deck templates you see online? Throw them out. They don’t matter. We’ll work on narrative building frameworks that make people nod along and approaches to creating a deck that fits YOUR narrative.
04: Target Investors, Tools, and Technology
Everyone is obsessed with lists of investors. What’s more important is lists of investors you can get to. In this module we will be leveraging some pre-built lists and work on the materials and tools that will setup your effective outreach strategy. This module is a beast so we’ll have study hall to get through it!
05: Prepare for Kickoff🚀
Process organization and pitch delivery are the final elements to work on before being fully prepared to start a fundraise. In this last session we will set a timeline for your fundraise, walk through managing a process via a simple CRM, and practice the key features that drive a great live pitch.


How often does this course meet?
We will meet twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, over the 5-week course duration
How much work will be required of me on a weekly basis?
Expect a bare minimum of 5 hours per week. Aside from a 90-minute class session and 90 minute study hall each week, we will have community building events and homework assignments that will drive your fundraising efforts forward. Those of you that devote 8-10 hours a week to this course will gain tons from the experience.
Will I get introduced to investors through this course?
You are not buying investor intros by participating in this course. That said, there will be investor "meet & greet" events and the support of the community has led to many investor intros in the past.
There's so much free fundraising content online? Why should I join FWC?
There is absolutely a ton of free content online. A lot of that content is quality...even the pieces that contradict each other!

In my opinion, there is so much situational nuance in fundraise strategy that it is really hard to read bite-sized advice online and apply it to your specific situation. It's especially difficult because the funding environment is changing everyday. The VC influencer tweet you read from last year could conflict with another "expert" blog post you read this week for a variety of reasons.

To really understand, it's important to be given context, supporting logic, and real-world examples.  

But knowledge is just the first step. Once you learn what needs to be done, then you realize all the work goes into doing that well.  FWC creates space and accountability to get those things done. When you add the community of talented founders supporting each other, the value of FWC becomes undeniable. You will walk away with tangible outcomes/deliverables that will empower you to tackle your fundraise.