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Fundraising is a lonely, challenging, pressure-filled process that can feel like the world is telling you:

Get this confusing thing done by yourself or go close up shop

Even if you've raised in the past, you remember all the time wasted and struggles figuring things out. The worst part for all founders is the uncertainty of relying on random conversations or scrolling through endless Google searches to answer...

Where do I start? How do I find investors? What do they want to hear?
What should I do next?

This course is based on my experience as an ex-VC, former venture-backed founder, and current executive fundraising coach who has advised dozens of successful raises. I combine live lessons with structured work sessions and a community of outstanding founders who support each other in fundraising and beyond.

My goal is to deliver knowledge, accountability, and support that produce tangible results and enable you to Fundraise with Confidence.

-Jason Yeh, Founder and Instructor
Class Period
May 17 - June 4
Application Deadline
May 3rd
Class Size
Check back for our next cohort or contact us for support
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Class Period
Apr 6 - Apr 22
Registration Window
Mar 16 - Mar 30
US $3750
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Class Period
Apr 6 - Apr 22
Registration Window
Mar 16 - Mar 30
US $3750

Hi. I'm your instructor, Jason Yeh

• As a formal and informal advisor to startups, I've helped companies raise over $100MM in capital

• Spent 3.5 years as an Investor and EIR at Greycroft evaluating 1000+ pitches and being part of 50+ investments

• Instructor in the Venture Capital module of USC's MBA course on Tech Entrepreneurship in Fall 2014

• Led fundraises twice as a founder, the last for Tape, which sold to Hustle in 2020

• Early angel investor in 1 unicorn and multiple late-stage startups


Cary Levine
CEO & Head of Product, TeamAI

Andy Bauch
Co-Founder & CEO, Morty

Aaron Ginsburg
Attorney, Fenwick & West

My first experience with Jason was as a professor in my Venture Capital class in business school. I loved his style of teaching then and think it comes naturally for him to do this for entrepreneurs with Adamant Ventures.

Various founders in a workshop for
Latitud (see: latitud.com)

Amazing session! I have goosebumps ! In the last two years of my journey I have been trying to grasp exactly this process that only Jason has been able to answer in such practical form.

Jason opened my eyes and gave me so much perspective on how to create FOMO while fundraising

Jason was great! Great presenter, very effective and interesting insights.

Course Details

The course is 3 weeks long with lectures twice a week, network-building opportunities, and group co-working sessions in between. During our time together, we will cover what an effective and efficient fundraising playbook looks like from start to finish while also completing tasks each week that drive your process forward. Along the way, I'll share powerful technology, tools, and templates to supercharge your fundraise.

This Course Is For ➡

Leaders of businesses with high growth potential

Founders preparing to raise a pre-seed, seed, or series A round of financing in the next 1-6 months.

Collaborative entrepreneurs who understand the value of coaching and community

This Course Is NOT For ➡

Those looking for shortcuts
(great fundraises are hard work)

People looking for someone to do the work for them

Anyone mid-fundraise looking for a bandaid

Later stage founders
(Series B and later - contact me for help)
Class Period
May 17 - June 4
Application Deadline
May 3rd
Class Size
Apply Today
Check back for our next cohort or contact us for support
Class Period
Apr 6 - Apr 22
Registration Window
Mar 16 - Mar 30
US $3750

How To's Covered

• Develop a strong founder's mindset

• Understand investor psychology

• Craft a compelling company narrative

• Create the perfect pitch deck
• Build a target investor list quickly

• Drive a process to close

• Learn communication tactics

• Level-up live pitch skills

Course Benefits

Active Learning and Group Problem Solving
Active participation is absolutely essential to acquire a handle on fundraising. Lectures will provide the foundational knowledge to enhance live discussions, homework, and collaboration. In addition, I won't just be speaking at you. I will engage with the class, explain the most pressing and tricky questions, and stimulate the cohort to advance together.
Tangible Outcomes
There is so much to do when it comes to fundraising. From investor research, to intro management, to deck creation, and more. Homework, deadlines, co-working sessions, and community feedback will ensure you make substantial progress during the class and walk away with tangible value.
Collaborate and Network with a Cohort of Founders
This course is designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction through Zoom breakout groups, and an engaged online community.
Tactics, Templates, Tools
Don't expect just theory and principles. Step-by-step processes, email templates, CRM system guides, and data scraping systems are just a few of the superchargers FWC delivers to its students
Guest Speakers
Jason will lead every session but guest speakers will provide complementary perspectives and diversify the models you follow in your journey. Check back soon for a list of impressive speakers who will attend our sessions.


1 - Psychology + Mindset
So much of being successful at raising capital boils down to embracing first principles that drive a powerful fundraising mindset and understanding the psychology that compels investors to invest.

We will examine both sides of this equation and establish a foundation that will feed into the rest of the course.
2 - Narrative + Deck
In many ways, this is the most crucial topic in this course. Because whether you are pursuing a Series D financing or just have an idea on a napkin, raising money is all about selling a story.

We will walk through some of the most important frameworks for creating an impactful narrative and how to translate that into a deck that will wow investors.
3 - Preparation + Process
The most common mistake in fundraising is failing to devote time and effort to preparing for and executing a well-formed process.  Some of that is avoidance of hard work and some of that is not knowing what a process is.

This class will address both issues. We'll start by outlining what a process looks like and why it's so important. After, we'll walk through effective approaches and introduce powerful tools to help make preparing as straight forward as possible.
4 - Live Pitching
If you've ever heard that investors bet on the jockey and not the horse, you'll understand how important nailing a live pitch is. It's their first time meeting the jockey!

So much goes into getting an audience with an investor, but all of that goes down the drain if the live pitch fails. A live pitch is an investors opportunity to "read" the founder and is a massive part of the decision -making process.

In this class, we'll go through the most vital elements of a live pitch and how to make a positive impression on an investor. We'll also cover important technical elements specific to this new world of Zoom pitching.
5 - Communications
In the current funding environment, it can take only a matter of weeks to go from first meeting till closing a multi-million dollar deal. Because of that, how you communicate with investors is incredibly important. As one investor I know describes it, "VCs know what a founder who has options sounds like".

We'll cover the important elements to communicating strength and driving interest through the way you write emails and disseminate information to the community.
6 - Driving to a Close
Once a formal process kicks off, there's a ton that goes into managing the process. If you've organized it well there are best practices to ensure you're herding the investor cats effectively. We will cover these extensively as well as data rooms, term sheets, and other last steps in a fundraise.

Finally, we'll draw the class to a close and highlight how we will keep our cohort tight and supportive during upcoming fundraises and beyond.

Guests + Alumni

Throughout the course we will bring in experts, founders who have successfully raised before, and venture capitalists to discuss insider knowledge and tips that will boost your fundraising abilities.


How often does this course meet?
We will meet twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, over the 3-week course duration
How much work will be required of me on a weekly basis?
Expect a bare minimum of 5 hours per week. Aside from two 90-minute class sessions each week, we will have community building events and homework assignments that will drive your fundraising efforts forward. Those of you that devote 8-10 hours a week to this course will gain tons from the experience.
Will I get introduced to investors through this course?
You are not buying investor intros by participating in this course. That said, there will be investor "meet & greet" events and the support of the community has led to many investor intros in the past.
There's so much free fundraising content online? Why should I join FWC?
There is absolutely a ton of free content online. A lot of that content is quality...even the pieces that contradict each other!

In my opinion, there is so much situational nuance in fundraise strategy that it is really hard to read bite-sized advice online and apply it to your specific situation. It's especially difficult because the funding environment is changing everyday. The VC influencer tweet you read from last year could conflict with another "expert" blog post you read this week for a variety of reasons.

To really understand, it's important to be given context, supporting logic, and real-world examples.  

But knowledge is just the first step. Once you learn what needs to be done, then you realize all the work goes into doing that well.  FWC creates space and accountability to get those things done. When you add the community of talented founders supporting each other, the value of FWC becomes undeniable. You will walk away with tangible outcomes/deliverables that will empower you to tackle your fundraise.