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To celebrate and promote the registration period for the next cohort of Fundraise with Confidence, we're hosting a week long free email course on Fundraising.

Every day until the close of open enrollment on January 24th, we'll drop a video, lesson, tool, or illustration that clarifies and guides you along the path to raising capital.

Along the way, there will be some special giveaways and offers for everyone on the list.

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Hi. I'm your instructor, Jason Yeh

Fundraising truly sucks. Making it suck less for founders through FWC is so rewarding because I know the struggle well.

As a formal and informal advisor to startups, I've helped companies raise over $250MM in capital. While I was an investor at Greycroft Partners, I evaluated over 1000 pitches and was a part of 50+ investments. Afterwards, I became a founder myself and led fundraises twice. The last was for my company Tape which sold to Hustle in 2020.

Combining those experiences with my love of teaching to help founders has been one of the best experiences of my life. I hope to help you in a some small way soon!